Trust (,) Your Strength!

Where my previous book focused on the opportunities for a manager / leader to establish a high performance team, supported by basic project management principles, change management and the understanding of the impacting factors on talent and retention management, this book will bring additional insight on the need to establish a culture of trust.

Trust to be built as a two-way street where one gives trust, grows a trusting environment and relationships whilst knowing it takes two similar minded parties to achieve this goal. By creating insights in the world we live in, impacted by constant and sometimes dramatic changes, we will check how to build resilient team members and get our organization, team, company to prosper. We will do this by exploring the hierarchy of needs from Maslow, the theory of self-determination by Edward L. Deci and Richard M. Ryan and the stages of grief by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. These theories will be mapped against our day-to-day activities and interactions. The knowledge obtained will support us to build trust in the organization. We will check what impacts our team members further and how we can build a strongly supported organization by having a look at change cycles, company culture, line managers as differentiators and opportunities and pitfalls. As will all journeys, there will be ups and downs, but we can learn from and enjoy every stage. Enjoy your ride.

Leadership, Project & Change mgt, High Performance and Self-Steering teams… Buzzwords or an option for YOU and your organization?


During 20+ years in the IT and Telecommunications business in a variety of international positions and having enjoyed numerous years and events as volunteer in a variety of organizations, I have learned from different leaders, teams and cultures. This book will bring you my main learnings in a nutshell.

Business expectations remain at an all time high when considering return on investment, flexibility, expertise… To meet these expectations, there’s a permanent search for cost savings. Some companies will implement a total process / system overhaul though automation, outsourcing and/or moving to different locations/continents, however there’s a lot companies and their managers can do internally to increase the value add of the existing teams whilst improving the financials dramatically.

Exactly what you, as a leader, can do, that’s what this book is about! In this book I will focus on Leadership, Project management, Change management, High Performance & Self-Steering teams all of which can bring exceptional return when implemented, even if done in stages. Every chapter contains a bit of theory spiced up with real life cases on how to build a culture where you get the best out of your teams even when encountering adverse times and/or unexpected challenges.

The examples you’ll find in this book are real life cases collected from different assignments in different companies, from a variety of countries including a number of volunteering organizations I have supported or currently still support.

As a last introduction to this book I would like to share a brief thought: “an employee needs to deserve his or her place in the company, but the company needs as well to deserve the employee”. Certainly very valid now the war on talent is picking up.

Enjoy Your Leadership!

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